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I don’t even understand the whole mcbusted thing anymore, it’s like someone’s wrong opinion being shoved down your throat, i mean, it’s getting all ridiculous now, instead of calming down the fans by talking about new music or the album they’re blocking fans demanding mcfly to leave out the mcbusted idea.. I’m against the hate sent, but you really admit you’re ignoring the side that wants you as mcfly back? idk im so frustrated right now..

I still got so many unsaid things that I wanna say.


Danny’s stupid joke… :)

i dont see why u should be getting any hate, some of u galaxy defenders are real assholes. i agree with ur opinion, dont listen to any of these idiots and try to turn off anons to avoid any more hate :( love u

- Anonymous

it’s all right, i know not everyone should agree with what i say, but i do hate strong opinions, and yeah, i think i should turn off anon questions! thank you so much <3 xx

you completely suck

- Anonymous


can you please shut the fuck up and keep your stupid opinions to yourselves? nobody wants to know what you think, stop moaning like you're their manager, you know nothing ok? simply if you no longer like mcfly, LEAVE, we don't need some shit like you in here,bye

- Anonymous

WOW, thank you. let me pint out that i’m not convincing anyone to have the same opinion as mine, but little did you know, i am allowed to have an opinion, and if you call “wanting album 6” moaning, it isn’t, i just see that they’ve been putting 1D first for long enough, tbh, it was all right at first, but at the moment of speaking, 1D already have a new album and a single out,also they’re on tour, whilst mcfly should be finishing their new album,but still they’re off to write with them again. 

you aren’t allowed to tell me ‘leave’ or stay, i love mcfly with everything in me, and i’m never ever leaving them, and the moment mcfly will only have 1 fan, that one fan will be me. i just really want everyone to know that they’re not the boys of Five Colours In Her Hair anymore, and that they have songs other than All About You, and they have stuff to be asked about other than weddings. that’s only my point.

thank you for being so nice btw.

do you like any bands other than mcfly?

- Anonymous

are you kidding me? my life completely only just revolves around bands oh my God, i’ll list who i like , the list is pretty long:

You Me At Six, All Time Low, Lawson, Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Blink-182, Green Day,Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Daughtry, The Script, Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, Muse, Imagine Dragons, We Are In The Crowd & We The Kings :D

  • Me: i don't feel ok
  • McFly: just tell yourself 'I'll Be Ok'
  • Me: i feel so alone
  • McFly: you're not alone
  • Me: i'm really hurt
  • McFly: i'm hurt but i'll be fine
  • Me: nobody's here for me
  • McFly: it's not always easy, but i'm here forever
  • Somone: I DON'T LIKE MCFLY
  • McFlyers: WE DON'T CARE